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With an aim to nurture new and emerging filmmaking talent from East Asia, LEAFF’s competition section will provide a platform for Asian directors’ exposure in the UK film industry. The criteria for entry is that they will have directed three feature films or less, and their submission to LEAFF will be judged by our jurors. The winner will receive a cash prize of £2000. We hope that LEAFF can become a festival that contributes to the success of many Asian filmmakers from across the globe. 






2016 Pamilya Ordinaryo Final

 Pamilya Ordinaryo | Eduardo Roy Jr. | 2016 | 107mins | Philippines

Friday 21 October, 8:45pm | Curzon Bloomsbury

Pamilya Ordinaryo is a family portrait of Jane, 16, and her boyfriend, Aries, who live on their own in the chaotic streets of Manila. Surviving as pickpockets, the lives of the young couple change when they suddenly become teenage parents. But not even a month into parenthood, their child is stolen from them. In order to retrieve the child, the young couple is forced to take desert measures.









     Familyhood | 굿바이 싱글 | Kim Tae-gon | 2016 | 119mins | South Korea

followed by a Q&A with director Kim Tae-gon


GO Ju-yeon is a self-centered diva who always gets what she wants: fame, money, and even good-looking young boyfriends. But now that she’s in her 40s and going downhill in her acting career, she wonders whether she should settle down with her secret boyfriend who is 12 years younger than her; although the rookie actor is only interested in taking advantage of her fame, cheating behind her back. Discovering this, she realizes that she needs someone definite in her life: her own baby.

Devastatingly, she learns that she has reached menopause already. But then when she comes across a pregnant teenager Dan-ji at the hospital, she makes an offer that Dan-ji cannot refuse. Soon after, Ju-yeon makes a press announcement of her pregnancy to avenge her ex-boyfriend who is now a rising star. It becomes a major scandal but she declares that she’ll be a proud single mom and it makes her more popular than ever. Dazzled by the new phase in her career, Ju-yeon begins to neglect Dan-ji, but worse, people are now suspicious.








 A Yellow Bird | K. Rajagopal | 2016 | 112mins | Singapore

Tuesday 25th October, 8:30pm | Curzon Soho

It is an unwelcomed homecoming for Siva Sudhakar, a 38 year old Singaporean Indian man, who is released from prison after 8 years behind bars for contraband smuggling. He returns to his mother’s flat to learn that his old bedroom has been rented out to migrant workers while his ex-wife and daughter have left without a trace. Unable to find forgiveness from his mother, he begins a quest to locate his ex-wife and daughter in order to right the wrongs of his past. An urban vagabond, he finds work banging cymbals in a funeral band while he tracks down people from his life before prison. In his lonely journey, he finds a kindred spirit – Chen Chen, a hostile Chinese woman on a social visit who works illegally to earn money for her debt-ridden family back in China. They connect when one day, Siva defends Chen Chen from a lecherous band member who tries to take advantage of her financial need. Isolated in their harsh realities, they find comfort in the presence of one another. Just as he begins to find solace and hope, he discovers the address of his ex-wife and daughter. There, he is confronted with a heinous truth. How far will he go in order to redeem himself from his guilt?








The World of Us | 우리들 | Yoon Ga-eun | UK Premiere | 2016 | 94mins | South Korea 

followed by a Q&A with director Yoon Ga-eun

Wednesday 26th October, 6:30pm | Regent Street Cinema

At an age when perhaps friends mean more than moms, 10 year-old Sun is an outcast at school. During summer vacation, she meets Jia, who is new to town. As Sun shows Jia around the neighborhood and they play at each other’s houses and share secrets, they become best friends. However, when the new semester starts, Jia notices a strange vibe between Sun and the other kids. Jia tries to get into the cool kids group and starts to distance herself from Sun. Inside the perhaps more complex and delicate world of children than adults, the two girls end up hurting and getting hurt by each other.







Doakanong_Poster_Final By The Time It Gets Dark | Dao Khanong | Anocha Suwichakornpong | 2016 | 89mins | Thailand
Wednesday 26th October, 8:45pm | Regent Street Cinema

Two women arrive at a secluded house surrounded by fields and mountains. The younger woman will direct a film about the older one, a writer who led the student movement in the 1970s. The director records their interviews to use as material for her script.

The women dine at a nearby cafe and have an awkward conversation with the girl who serves them. The director begins venturing out alone, and explores a nearby mushroom farm. In the forest, she encounters a glittery blue mushroom.

The director records an interview with herself.

A road leads to another farm, where workers are engaged in the elaborate process of curing tobacco leaves. One farmer gets done with work and leaves in his truck. En route to Bangkok, he’s recognized as an actor. When he arrives home, he reads a new script for an indie film. Later, he lies in bed naked with a woman who traces his features. He plays a series of roles, including that of a singing fish. The actor runs into the woman with whom he was in bed. They exchange small talk about their respective acting careers. She tells him she’s taking time off from acting to direct her own film.

The first scene of the film recurs with new women who wear full makeup. The season has changed. The woman who was in bed with the actor is there.

The girl who waited on the director and writer is now in Bangkok, where she is working as a cleaner at the actor’s gym. She goes from one job to another, never connecting with anyone. Eventually, she arrives at a temple, where she shaves her head, lives alone, and sweeps the grounds.

She enjoys disco dancing.







 Pekak | Filem | Mohd Khairul Azri | 2016 | 95mins | Malaysia 

Friday 28 October, 8:45pm | Curzon Bloomsbury

Pekak revolves around a deaf drug pusher named Uda who resorts to selling drugs in order to pay for his impending cochlear implant surgery which will restore his hearing. His path crosses with Dara’s, a troubled school girl who longs to escape from her overbearing father. An unlikely relationship starts to blossom between them, but it is challenged by a world filled with violence, sex and drugs.







 9ers Entertainment_Karaoke Crazies

     Karaoke Crazies | 중독노래방 | Kim Sang-chan | 2016 | 106mins | South Korea

followed by a Q&A with director Kim Sang-chan 

Saturday 29th October, 3:00pm | Curzon Soho

Addiction Karaoke is run by Sung-Wook. When business is slow, he hires singing helper Ha-Suck, a girl in her early 20s, to boost sales. She’s a hopeless game addict, but somehow lures customers in with her mysterious charm. Na-Ju, a professional helper, joins the crew and brightens up the miserable place with her bubbly character. Just when everything starts turning for the better, little do they know that a serial killer on the loose in town is after something in the karaoke.








The Laundryman POSTER

 The Laundryman | 青田街一號 | Chung Lee | 2015 | 112mins | Taiwan

Saturday 29 October, 8:45pm | Curzon Bloomsbury

Taiwanese filmmaker Chung Lee’s feature-length debut revolves around a hitman stumbling upon his origins.














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