2017 | Phillippines | Dir. Joel Lamangan | 107min



Two small-time felons' paths cross, starting a petty mutual disdain for a competitor in their illegal business: BHOY INTSIK and MARLON, the key personalities in the community of the living-dead.

BHOY INTSIK, 48, is a tough gay, an all-around hoodlum. But he’s a principled man, even straighter than the most honourable man in town. He’s a modern Robin Hood, who steals from the rich and shares the loot with the less-fortunate. MARLON, 18, is a good-looking young man, with no permanent address. Like Bhoy, he’s a hustler. He’s an illiterate, but street-smart when it comes to how much money he has made from his trade. 

Small-time felons in this time of Extra-Judicial Killings do not deserve to live. Only the big fishes have the right to survive no matter how many lives they have destroyed.