Opening Gala

엑시트 | Lee Sang Geun | Korea | 2019 | 103 mins



EXIT is a debut feature by writer-director Lee Sang-geun. A deadly gas attack leaves thousands stranded in skyscrapers across Seoul. Thedisaster inspires the unemployed Yong-nam (Cho Jeong-seok, Hit-and-Run Squad) to save the day when his entire family, assembled for his mother’s 70th birthday, is trapped in a downtown banquet hall. As the corrosive cloud seeps into the building, he uses his mountain climbing skills with the restaurant’s duty manager, Eui-ju (Yoona, Confidential Assignment) to help the survivors onto the roof. Since the domestic release, this exhilarating film has struck a chord with local audiences and has become the latest box office hit of Korea.