+ Q&A with Director Anh Hong

Đảo Của Dân Ngụ Cư | 2017 | Vietnam | Dir. Hong Anh | 91min



PHUOC stops at the restaurant DEM TRANG owned by THE BOSS. Slowly, Phuoc realises the lives of the people who work in this restaurant.

Sharing the living space and working life with Phuoc is AHMED (Hoang Nhan) and MIEN (Nhan Phuc Vinh). In the crumbling space of the restaurant, there is also XIEM HOA (Ngoc Hiep) – the pretend wife/servant of The Boss. Unable to have a child, Xiem Hoa is treated badly by The Boss every day, just like the workers. The only light in this story is a woman named CHU – The Boss’s daughter.

Phuoc arrives, makes friends with Mien and Chu. Phuoc’s compassion and pureness touch Chu’s heart. Jealousy, payback, and violence between Mien, Phuoc and Chu take place.

In discovering secrets among them, the boss does an unexpected thing. Is it a relief, or to cleanse those people?