미성년 | 2019 | Korea | Dir. Kim Yoon-seok | 118 min | Korean with English subtitles

in Competition


CAST: Yum Jung-ah, Kim So-jin, Kim Hye-jun, Park Se-jin

SYNOPSIS : 17-year-old Joo-ri (Kim Hye-jun) catches her father Kwon Dae-won (Kim Yoon-seok) having an affair with restaurant owner Kim Mi-hee (Kim So-jin), who happens to be the mother of her classmate Yoon-ah (Park Se-jin). When they talk at school, the affair causes tension between the teenagers and it worsens when Yoon-ah reveals that her mother is pregnant. Whilst Joo-ri didn’t want her mother Yeong-joo (Yum Jung-ah) to find out about both the affair and pregnancy, everything begins to unravel when she meets Mi-hee and the baby has to be delivered prematurely.