진범 | 2019 | Korea | Dir. Goh Jung-wook | 100 min | Korean with English subtitles

in Halloween Horror Special


CAST: Yoo-sun, Song Sae-byeok, Oh Min-suk

SYNOPSIS : Young-Hoon’s (Song Sae-byeok) wife is murdered in cold blood. A hair sample found at the crime scene links his friend Joon-Sung (Oh Min-suk) to the murder and Joon-Sung is soon arrested for the murder. Meanwhile, Joon-Sung's wife Da-Yeon (Yoo-sun) insists on her husband's innocence. Young-Hoon also wants to know the truth behind his wife's murder. To free her husband from prison, Da-Yeon needs Young-Hoon to testify in support of her husband. Young-Hoon suggests to Da-Yeon that they work together to uncover the truth and in return he will testify on her husband's behalf.