緝魔 | 2019 | Taiwan | Dir. Mark Lu | 107 min | Mandarin with English subtitles

in Competition


CAST: Kaiser Chuang, Yu-Wei Shao, Meng-Po Fu

SYNOPSIS : WEN Zi-Sheng (Kaiser CHUANG) is a tough police officer, who has a fierce personality and a direct style of conduct. While trying to solve a gruesome murder, about a headless woman corpse, due to WEN's own bad temper and a wrong decision making, his best friend / partner is killed. Wen is even more devastating…

 A forensic scientist: HAN Xue-Ning (Ivy SHAO) begins to contact WEN in private and provides him with some directions to solve this murder. Because of her kind gestures, WEN picks up his heart and goes back to work. With HAN’s clue and the police officer’s basic instincts, WEN finds an erotic painting, titles: DEEP EVIL, with female body figure that looks like the headless body, hanging in a secret gallery owned by a famous plastic surgeon: Dr. GAO Jun-Wei (Meng-Po FU) of MJ Clinic.

 The very next day, WEN and HAN go to MJ Clinic, trying to interrogate Dr. GAO, where does he find that painting? Is he behind this whole murder case? Can they solve this mysterious and gruesome murder case so that the headless victim could rest in the end?