관상 | 2013 | South Korea | Dir. Han Jae-rim | 139 min | Korean with English subtitles

Friday 21st June, 10am

at the National Portrait Gallery

This screening is organised to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Korean cinema,

supported by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.


CAST: Song Kang-ho, Lee Jung-jae, Jo Jung-suk, Lee Jong-suk

SYNOPSIS : Nae-gyeong, the most skillful face reader in the Joseon dynasty, was living in seclusion when he was offered a lucrative partnership by Yeon-hong. Nae-gyeong accepts the proposal to read the faces of Yeon-hong’s guests only to get involved in a murder case. With his face reading skills, Nae-gyeong successfully identifies the murderer and his skills are soon acknowledged by King Munjong who orders him to identify the potential traitors who threaten his reign. However, after the unexpected death of Munjong, Nae-gyeong is courted by Grand Prince Suyang who yearns to become King himself by killing the young successor Danjong. Nae-gyeong decides to keep his loyalty to the late King and help Kim Jongseo protect the young King which forces him into the biggest power struggle in the history of the Joseon dynasty.

K-CINEMA 100 brings films to special venues around London’s landmarks that match the genre or narrative of the film with the venue. Face Reader will be screened at the National Portrait Gallery. Tickets are free, reserve a place now via Eventbrite!