青蛇‎ | 1993 | Hong Kong | Dir. Hark Tsui | 98 min | Cantonese with English subtitles

in Stories of Women - part of NFTS project 'Dilemma and Desire' - films that explore Chinese women’s unspoken desires under “traditional” social values.


CAST: Maggie Cheung, Joey Wang, Wenzhuo Zhao

SYNOPSIS : Two snakes reformed into two beauties. White Snake chose pedagogue Xian Xu as her husband and enjoyed human life, while Green Snake played around every day. Jealous to White Snake, Green Snake kept on flirting with Xian Xu. Xian Xu eventually found they were snakes ... After being tempted by Green Snake, monk Fahai decided to imprison the two "monsters". He kidnapped Xian Xu. A battle began ... Just then, White Snake borned her new baby. What should monk Fahai do? Adapted from an old Chinese folk story but quite different from the original.