롱 리브 더 킹: 목포 영웅 | 2019 | Korea | Dir. Kang Yun-sung | 118 min | Korean with English subtitles

in LEAFF Official Selection


CAST: Kim Rae-won, Won Jin-A, Jin Seon-gyu

SYNOPSIS : Jang Se-Chool (Kim Rae-won) is a gangster boss. He has been in love with Kang So-Hyun (Won Jin-A) for the past 3 years, even though she tries to push him away. One day, in order to make him give up on her, Kang So-Hyun tells him that she wants to be a first lady. Jang Se-Chool is confused by her comment. Meanwhile, his friend Jung Choon-Taek is a death row convict. His friends tells him that his execution date has been set. Nobody can save him except, possibly, the South Korean president. To marry Kang So-Hyun and to save his friend, Jang Se-Chool decides to become the president.